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What is Kargo?

Kargo is a next-generation continuous delivery and application lifecycle orchestration platform for Kubernetes. It builds upon GitOps principles and integrates with existing technologies, like Argo CD, to streamline and automate the progressive rollout of changes across the many stages of an application's lifecycle.


Kargo's goal is to provide an intuitive and flexible layer "above" existing GitOps tooling, wherein you can describe the relationships between various application instances deployed to different environments as well as procedures for progressing changes from one application instance's source of truth to the next.


Watch the Multi-Stage Deployment Pipelines the GitOps Way talk by Jesse Suen & Kent Rancourt of Akuity at GitOpsCon EU 2024.


Kargo is undergoing active development and everyone is invited to join us in the journey to a GA release (v1.0.0)! Please expect breaking changes between pre-GA releases (v0.x.x).


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Next Steps

To learn more about Kargo, consider checking out our concepts doc or get hands-on right away with our quickstart!